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I will help you identify the factors that currently hold you back. You will be challenged, you will grow, you will work hard, and you will live outside your comfort zone. If you are ready to step up and manifest positive results - I'm the coach for you.

Leah Evans, Coach

Leah Evans specialises in personal development coaching and offers a comprehensive, flexible service for your coaching experience.

TOPGEAR Coaching believes in integrity.

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Life and Personal coaching

Leah lives in Rotorua with her family and enjoys a healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle.

Leah believes in excellence, walking the talk and having fun doing it.

Leah is a passionate woman who authenticates leadership and a unique depth of character, a true sync between heart and head, and a love of using that to help equip people to achieve positive momentum. She inspires strength, confidence, and an infectious lust for life.

There is a reason her clients get results, come and see for yourself!

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When I first came to see Leah I was at rock bottom, my marriage had fallen apart, I had nothing left financially, and I had no self esteem or self respect.

I hardly recognise the person I have become now through working with Leah and putting the hard work in to myself.

I now know that to be a better Mum I need to spend time on myself, which is always hard to do, but is very important for me as a person.

The tools that Leah uses are basic but very affective tools in helping you to gain success.

Leah has helped me to gain strength and confidence and to believe in myself.

The goals that I set within the coaching environment I have achieved within a year and amazed myself, as when I set the goals they seemed so unachievable and I have achieved them within a quarter of the time.

Leah has helped me get my life back on track, to discover what I want to achieve in my life and to find out who I am and love the person that I have become.

I am proud of my achievements as a woman, a single Mum of two, and my successes within my own business.

The journey of self discovery has been interesting, exciting and one hundred percent worth it.

Going to see Leah at Top Gear Coaching has been the best investment I have ever put in to myself.

24th May 2010

Personal Coaching Rotorua with TOPGEAR Coaching

I am a rural nurse working at a Nurse led clinic. I have been seeing Leah for almost a year now.

I first started seeing Leah as I was having a few issues in both my personal and working life. I feel like I am a different person now. Leah has literally changed my life. I have gained great eating and lifestyle habits which has made a lasting impression on my weight loss journey. But most of all I have changed the way I view myself. While I still have a way to go, I now value myself and what I have to offer. On reflection this to me has been the biggest transformation.

Leah provides a safe, professional welcoming environment, to which I would highly recommend to any person wishing to achieve personal changes. She genuinely cares about my Journey and often texts outside of visits to make sure I am on track and sends encouraging words and motivation. If I was asked to describe Leah with one word it would be “Inspiring”.

9th November 2014